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Here you’ll find reviews on Apple watches, smartwatches, weight loss, health and fitness, work at home opportunities and products for the outdoors.

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Today more authors prefer to publish their guides and courses in digital versions instead of physical ones. This covers a wide range of topics, including personal improvement, fitness, weight loss, natural remedies, relationships, bodybuilding, survival and more.


Do you sell the products mentioned on your website?

No we don’t The products that we mention here are sold by leading and trusted global retailers such as ClickBank.

After clicking on one of the links we provide in this blog, you will be taken to the official site of the product and will be able to make your purchase directly from there.

Who Processes Payments?

Almost all the featured products  are sold by Clickbank. It is the leading retailer of digital products on the Internet, and they are based in the United States in Boise, Idaho.

Every day, ClickBank uses its safe and secure technology to process online payments. Your payment information remains secure and ClickBank organizes the transactions between the customer and the merchants using their advanced system.

Just be sure to include your correct email address, because the details of the transactions will be forwarded to the address you provide.

Which Types of Payments are Accepted?

ClickBank accepts payment from most credit card companies, such as JCB, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and some others. PayPal is also accepted.

Are the Products Recommended Here  Legit?

Absolutely yes! We never make up any type of offer or promote piracy.

Will confidentiality about my purchases be maintained?

Yes. In order to ensure your privacy, the only notation on your financial statement will be a charge from ClickBank. No mention of the product name or the merchant will be included, since ClickBank’s billing system is 100% discreet.

In addition, no third party will ever be able to see any of the details of your payments because they are encrypted.

Can I make my payment by check or money order?

Unfortunately, accepting checks or money orders is not currently supported by ClickBank. PayPal, debit card, or credit cards are the only methods ClickBank currently supports.

Are all of the bonuses that are offered on the official site still available when purchasing through the links here?

Yes. The only difference between the special offers that we publish here and the main offers provided on the official sales pages of the vendors is the price that you will pay.

If I have more questions regarding my purchase, who should I contact?

The first thing you should try doing is to go to the link on the merchant’s official website to contact them directly. You can also directly contact ClickBank if you have questions about the transaction itself.

We recommend that you contact ClickBank first is because since they sell and handle all transactions they will be more helpful.

Of course, we have a contact form on our site if you want to get in contact with us.

Can I purchase a hard copy version of the books mentioned here?

Right now, most of the products we mention on our blog come only in eBook version, which is compatible for printing. Most customers print out their own copy when they want a hard copy version available for reference in the future.

Am I required to have special hardware or software to read my eProducts/eBooks?

For most eBooks that we mention here, all that is required is a free PDF Reader software on your handheld device, laptop, or PC. If you purchase a product which also contains video or audio material, then you will also need a free video media player installed on your computer.

Will my eProducts/eBooks always be available to me once I have purchased them?

Once you have made your eBook/eProduct purchase, it is forever yours. On your Clickbank account, your user information will be stored, including every single title that you have ever purchased. At any time, you can access the information by using your username and password to log in.

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