Coconut Oil Secret Review – Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood


coconut-oil-secret-book-coverThe Coconut Oil Secret Review

Welcome to my review of “The Coconut Oil Secret” by Jake Carney. What follows is an overview of what you can expect to find in the Coconut Oil Secret, the pros and cons and a summary of Jake Carney’s guide.

This is a comprehensive book that teaches people how to use coconut oil for physical and mental health.

Who Is Jake Carney?

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Jake Carney is a leading authority on nutrition and healthy living. His Alternative Daily website draws a lot of interest from people passionate about natural healing.

“The Coconut Oil Secret” is a comprehensive guide that Jake published in 2014.  The book provides detailed information about the amazing powers and  versatility of coconut oil.

Pacific Islanders have used coconut oil for thousands of years for cooking, hygiene and for beautifying hair and skin.

What Makes Coconut Oil Different

What distinguishes coconut oil from other popular oils is that it presents minimal dangers when used in cooking. That’s because  of the medium chain fatty acids it contains. Therefore, it’s not attributed to poor cholesterol, heart disease, or other health risks that are associated with saturated fats.

Recently introduced in the west, It is making quite a wave here and people are loving it  in the beauty and health communities.

In the Coconut Oil Secret Discover:

  • the best type of coconut oil to purchase for optimum health
  • the benefits of detoxing
  • how to prevent cancer by removing  and adding specific foods
  • reasons why the French people have  low rates of heart disease despite their high-fat diet
  •  the truth about oils that are packaged as heart-friendly, but actually predispose you to type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • how coconut oil aids in weight loss and stops  food cravings
  • how coconut oil can support brain health in order to lower your risk for alzheimers, huntingtons, multiple sclerosis, and parkinsons
  • the secret component of coconut oil that makes it highly effective against pimples and acne
  • if your thyroid is in tip-top shape and how coconut oil helps support its normal functioning
  • a comprehensive list of disease-causing microorganisms that are vulnerable to the effects of coconut oil.
  • the 8 foods that you should steer clear from to prevent yeast overgrowth in your body, and a lot more

The Pros and Cons of the Coconut Oil Secret

The Pros

  • one of the most comprehensive coconut oil guides
  • everything you need to know to maximize the beneficial properties of coconut oil
  • exposes all the myths about coconut oil
  • tasty and healthy recipes that use coconut oil as an ingredient from smoothies to veggie recipes
  • easy to understand and use
  • affordable Price
  • 60 day refund policy

The Cons

  • a lot of reading required
  • you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information
  • since it is a digital product there are no physical copies sold

Along with the main book you get the following bonuses:


Report #1  20 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Cleansing And Age Reduction

Discover how coconut oil improves health and hygiene. From creating coconut oil deodorant to using coconut oil as an all natural insect repellent, the possibilities are endless.



Report #2  11 Super Healthy Super Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

You’ll find all of the ingredients and instructions required to prepare almost a dozen coconut oil dishes  from fresh veggies to frozen smoothies.


In Summary

The Coconut Oil Secret most likely is not for you if you just want a short guide with some basic details or a hard copy version.

A 60 day refund guarantee allows anyone to try it risk free. The main guide and  2 bonus reports makes this truly a great buy.

The Coconut Oil Secret  contains all the best advice and information about coconut oil in one place written in easy to understand language. Along with the simple and straightforward instructions and scientific data to back up its claims makes this one of the most affordable guides on the topic.

With the amount of information you’ll learn from this guide plus the bonuses, it’s doubtful you’ll ever want a refund. But just in case you’re not happy with the product,  simply email Jake Carney and his support team to get a full refund.

We highly recommend the Coconut Oil Secret. In closing,  we sincerely hope you have found this review helpful.

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