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Men Make Up the Majority of Cheating Spouses

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It is a fact that 6 out of 10 married people will go on to have an extramarital affair. Men make up the majority of cheating spouses.

Why are men cheating on their wives? What makes them do it? While women often say that men can’t be trusted or use terms like ‘dogs’ when describing men’s behavior, one must get to the root of the problem.

Why Do Men Cheat? The Answer May Very Well Surprise You

language of desire reviewIt can be summarized in one word, admiration. Men desire more than just love. They also want to be admired. They want to feel the way they did when the relationship was all new, exciting and the woman couldn’t get enough of them.


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Cheating is a symptom and not a cause. Boredom, neglect, taking each other for granted and letting contempt slowly take over due to familiarity are the main causes.

While this doesn’t justify the infidelity it does explain it. Keeping a man faithful just because of the marriage vows just won’t cut it. Women will need to put in the effort to keep the passion alive in the marriage.

Keep Him Wanting You All The Time

coupleBy understanding a man’s emotions and sexual needs, you’ll be able to make him desire you constantly. He won’t have time to look at other women because he wants you all the time.

The Language of Desire is a best seller and has sold thousands of copies online because it teaches women how to put the spark back in their marriage. Felicity Keith author of The Language of Desire discovered certain techniques that worked and knew other women could benefit from this knowledge. It has helped thousands of women save their relationship and make their husbands see them in a whole new light.

What Makes the Language of Desire So Powerful – What You Will Love About This Book

It works on the premise that the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body. If you know how to seduce a man’s brain and you will have him excited and constantly desiring you. The Language of Desire guide teaches you exactly how to go about doing that.

The techniques are highly effective. The man will now view his wife or girlfriend with sexual desires. So he’ll be more motivated to stay faithful. You are now in control and not viewed as just another fixture. If a man’s fantasies are satisfied there’s really no need for him to find another woman.

language of desire review

You will learn how to develop a personality that exudes confidence, attractiveness, and a certain sexual magnetism that few women have. You’ll become the kind of woman that is classy and sexy. Men love those types of women.

Why You Should get the Language of Desire Today

The product is backed by a 60 day money refund policy. If you want to put the passion back in your marriage, this guide will help you to do it. Once your spouse is passionate about you there’s very little chance that he will stray.

Most men have affairs because their sex lives have gone from fire to ice. When they see another woman who expresses some interest and desire in them (admiration) they quickly feel their emotions stirred up and they get passionate about the other woman.

Bonus Materials

This program does not entail any medical terms as well as scientific ones to complicate you. The program consists of three bonus materials that you can enjoy.

The Pros and Cons of Language of Desire

The Pros

After making a purchase of the Language of Desire, an instant access will be provided to you in the membership area.

Money back guarantee is itself a good feature. But it is only valid for the span of two months.

It is made up of ten modules making it more fun and easy to learn.

It does focuses on the sexual facet of the relationship

It comes with three revealing bonus materials

It is made available in PDF as well as audio format.

The Cons

It has no hard copy so if you are a bookworm type person; you have to print the ebook.

It will be inaccessible to you if you run short of internet connection.

No ADVICE for men in this program. Only INTENDED for women.

In Summary

Furthermore, as already told, the Language of Desire is a complete course that women can practice as a guide to recover their sexual life. It is centered on real-life involvements of different kinds of women.

Information is gathered and presented in a step by step and sectional form to make it easily understand.

The Language of desire is an influential tool that can change the way women look at their partner. This guide will help change the women’s primitive brain and wake up her intimate sensual self.

It is very beneficial for women irrespective of the stage of the affiliation they are in.

Language of Desire will teach you how to keep your man faithful. He won’t need another woman because you’re more than he can handle.

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Language of Desire


Easily readable and easy to understand the content


You can instantly access the Language of Desire in the membership area as soon as you purchase it


60 day refund policy



  • It can be used by any women regardless of size, weight, age, or stage in the relationship
  • It is a well-structured program with ten modules to make learning more fun and easy
  • Comes with bonus materials


  • digital copy only
  • The book is intended for women. It does not offer any advice for men
  • may offend good girls and deeply religious women

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